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The Quest for the Columbus Cup begins here!

Mission Statement

 The purpose of Columbus House Hockey is to create a greater level of competition for house level hockey players in Central Ohio by promoting a two-tiered program of teams.

Participating Youth Hockey Organizations:

     ----    Springfield Youth Hockey (SPYH) an extension of CIHC



The quest for The Columbus Cup will begin on October 29, 2016.  League play will consist of approximately 13 games (depending on division) and an end of season tournament.


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Off Ice Officiating
Off Ice Scorekeepers: There is a section in the Off Ice Officiating...
Columbus House Hockey - General Rules
  For clarification:   (1)  There are no...
Columbus Fairgrounds Passes
When playing games at the Columbus Fairgrounds, a parking pass is...
Off Ice Officiating

Off Ice Scorekeepers:

There is a section in the Off Ice Officiating Manual that covers the role of a scorekeeper.  This is a very important role during our games.   There are actually two roles during the game that we need volunteers for each week.  One is the scorekeeper and the other is the timer or clock operator.  It really does take two people and is best done with one person from each team.  Again, we typically have the home team fill both roles and that is fine, but it does take two people.  

Don't be afraid to ask for help if you are having trouble.  

In order to help, I have uploaded the full off ice official manual to the website and included a link to it here.  


The important part for keeping score will begin on page 8 and is linked here.


Please take the time to read over the section on filling our a scoresheet.  You may even wish to print out the specific pages you will need and bring them with you.  

When things happen during a game it is important that they are recorded correctly.  One of the biggest mistakes I see at this time concerns penalties that are automatic 2 and 10 penalties.  

For example, a "Check from Behind" is an automatic 2 min and 10 min penalty.  These are two separate penalties and require you to record them on the scoresheet as 2 penalties (i.e. two separate lines).  



Period Number Offense Min Off Start On
2 76 Slashing 2:00 4:53 4:53 2:53
3 41 Check from Behind 2:00 12:45 12:45 10:45
3 41 CFB Misconduct 10:00 12:45 10:45 0:45


There is a big difference between a "Game Misconduct" and a "Misconduct".  


3 22 Boarding 5:00 7:00 7:00 2:00
3 22 Game Misconduct 10:00 7:00 - -


When a player is charged with a "Game Misconduct" they are removed from the game for the balance of the current game, but will also be required to sit the following game on their schedule per USA Hockey rules.    In the case above, a player was given a penalty for boarding.  This is normally a 2 min and 10 min misconduct penalty.  However, it can also be given out as a 5 min major and a game misconduct penalty.  Make sure you get the call correctly from the referee.  

When a player is put in the box, make sure you record the number of the player in the box correctly on the scoresheet.  If you didn't catch it from the referee, peak over to the box and ask or look on the jersey.  


During the game, if you make a mistake on the scoresheet, put a single line through the mistake and start over on the next line.  It is better to put a line through the mistake and start over than to try and scribble over the mistake and try to rewrite something in the same box. 


If it helps, you may wish to practice with the clock while the zamboni is cutting the ice.  Practice putting a penalty up on the clock and then taking it off (PP goal scored, penalty over).   You may also want to have a small piece of scrap paper with you on the score table.  You can right information there in a hurry and then transfer over to the score sheet while play continues. Again, having 2 people helping at the score table will be very beneficial.


We all appreciate the help we get in these roles as we know it can be tough.  





by posted 11/08/2016
Columbus House Hockey - General Rules


For clarification:


(1)  There are no time outs during the regular season.


(2)  All games are considered curfew games.  When the game clock matches the ice time remaining, the game will finish under a running clock.  


(3)  All penalties are 2 minutes in length



by posted 10/26/2016
Columbus Fairgrounds Passes

When playing games at the Columbus Fairgrounds, a parking pass is required to gain free admission.  Please click here to download the Parking Pass and make sure it is distributed to your team.

by posted 07/03/2016
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